Cabelcon Installation tools
                     - designed for easy and safe installation

All Cabelcon tools are individually tested for perfect operations!


Proper tools is half the work...

That is why Cabelcon has developed precise preparation tools for very easy and safe installation of your connectors. And the speed of installation - means good savings on your installation expenses. A Cabelcon connector can be safely installed in seconds and it works - every time!   

Installation kit for DC Series 1-5/8" connectors with patented tool guide

Cabelcon's installation tools is not just standard tools. Cabelcon tools are precision tools designed and adjusted to fit exactly to a specific type of connector and the type/brand of cable to be used for.

Our tools are factory made from W 2842 tooling steel and afterwards     special hardened to last for a substantial number of operations. The cutting and coring tools are contained in aluminium housings.

Each single tool is individually tested for perfect operations before it's packed and shipped.       

Installation kit for DC Series 7/8" connectors

Cabelcon connectors can be safely installed in seconds. In order to ensure the easiest and finest installation work for an optimal and error free installation - we strongly advise to use Cabelcon's special designed installation tools. Because it's easy and safe. The installation instructions can't be simpler - just follow a few pictures. You can't do it wrong - so just do it!

Using Cabelcon's installation tools you'll ensure to conserve a long lasting installation with the finest performance in all environments.         

Installation kit for DC Series 1/2" connectors with dismountable
flaring bit (normally integrated as to be seen left)


Installation kits for DC Series 1-5/8" connectors


 1-5/8" cables ready for test installations at
the factory

Installation of DC 90
angle for " cables

Installation of DC Series connector for

" tool with the flaring bit in place


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