Cabelcon Panel Mounts


Cabelcon High Performance Panel Sockets

Cabelcon manufactures a range of panel sockets customised to meet customers requests. Cabelcon manufactured panel sockets performs excellent. Standard types are supplied with O-rings for moisture proof installation against the chassis.

Standard types are silver plated with Nitin-6 plated nuts for the male versions.

*       Excellent specifications and finish
Available in long and short versions
Available with male or female interface
O-Rings to ensure a tight sealing to the panel
Exceeds IEC 169-4 and DIN47223 requirements



Customized version

Integrated EPDM O-ring for
excellent sealing against
the chassis.

Short female

Typical specifications

Frequency range
VSWR performance
Screening eff.
Contact resistance
Insulation resistance
Working Voltage
Test Voltage
Temperatur range
Coupling torque
Moisture resistance

50 Ohm
100 KHz -8GHz
<1.04 @ 8 GHz
-120 dBm
-125 dB
< 0.2 mOhm
>29.99 GOhm
2.7 kV (50/60 Hz)
4 kV  (50/60 Hz)
-40to +85C
> 40 Nm
IP X8*

* 30 meter water/ 8 hours

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