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In 1989 Corning Cabelcon introduced our unique Nitin-6™ plating into the connector industry. The NiSn plating was known from other industries - for products used in medical and scientific instruments, kitchenware, for coating of exposed parts in automobiles and for military equipment.

The new plating was another great Cabelcon step forward: Allergic nickel reactions were not unusual within the working environment. Corrosion was causing inconsistent contact resistance, a well known problem related to connections in the networks.

Most Cabelcon connectors, adapters and splices are treated with Cabelcon’s unique NITIN-6™ plating. NITIN-6™ has many advantages compared to other kinds of plating. Here are some of the most important features…

*       Extremely resistant against chemicals, sea water, oils and pollution
       Does not cause allergic reactions to nickel allergic persons
       Excellent protection in all environments against corrosion
       In house plating – a guarantee for quality and control
       Low friction surface. Will retain lubricant well
       NITIN-6™ is not sensitive to tin whiskers
       Resists finger markings on the surface
       Contact resistance is very consistent
       NITIN-6™ plating is non-magnetic
NITIN-6™ is non-toxic

To obtain a high and long lasting quality Cabelcon has developed a unique Nitin-6™ plating process, where a lot of different items can be plated in continuous operations. The system controls automatically the right time and operation procedures for the each specific lot. 

Cabelcon’s plating quality - including the alloy and layer thickness - is frequently controlled by use of our advanced X-ray/laser computerized test equipment. A further guarantee of quality ensures our customers’ satisfaction.       

NITIN-6™ plated Cabelcon connectors can easily be dismounted - even after many years of installation. Also the threads remain undamaged after years of installation into die cast housings.      

NITIN-6™ plating has proved to be extremely stable and resistant, over many years of operation, in the harshest climatic environments. Our standard salt spray tests are carried out in accordance to IEC 68-2-52, test kb - salt mist, cyclic with two spray periods - each of two hours. Each period of spray is followed by 7 days of exposure to moisture (40° C / 93 % Relative Moisture). Visual inspection is carried out after each test. Such tests show no serious impact to the NITIN-6™ plating or the function of the connector - even after 1000 hours of testing.

NITIN-6™ is the excellent choice of plating. NITIN-6™ is placed in the middle of the galvanic scale at -350 mV ensuring the maximal allowable distance (according to military specifications) of 350 mV to most other alloys except stainless steel.

Various Connector Plating Characteristics

Silver and White Bronze 

Silver and white bronze has the lowest practical resistance and they are therefore able to minimize interface contact resistances, which is ideal for low Intermodulation. But silver and white bronze are more sensitive for corrosion than Nitin-6™. Silver also oxidizes.

Stainless steel, Nickel and Ferrites 

Magnetic and paramagnetic materials such as stainless steel, magnetic nickel and ferrites, provoke non-linearity and have higher interface contact resistance, which increases the passive Intermodulation. A test has shown that degradation in performance of 20 dB was discovered, when magnetic nickel plating was used instead of silver or Nitin-6™.


Nitin-6™ plating is an excellent protection in all environments against corrosion and have a much better corrosion resistance than silver and white bronze. The plating is non-magnetic and resistant to chemicals.

Nitin-6™ has a stainless steel look, a low friction surface and will retain lubricant well. And Nitin-6™ is non-toxic and does not cause allergic reactions to nickel allergic persons.

Nitin-6™ is the perfect plating for connectors. Cabelcon’s customers expect high and long lasting quality and that is why Cabelcon developed our unique NITIN-6™ plating process!

Millions of Cabelcon connectors have been plated with our unique NITIN-6™ alloy since 1989. They are in use all over the world - in all kinds of environments to the utmost satisfaction of our customers. Malfunction due to corrosion is an unknown problem. This is actually the finest guarantee for our products!

Environmental Care

In order to ensure minimum impact to the environment in the washing process, we use only water and washing chemicals - not harmful to the environment. The water used for the plating- and washing process is reused several times in different washing levels. After extensive use, the discharge water is being cleaned in our advanced "waste water cleaning system". The final discharge water complies with the government environmental regulations. The remaining contents of metal and chemicals drawn from the discharge water and used chemicals, go for destruction.


- is the trademarked designation of Cabelcon's unique NiSn compo-sition - the finest connector plating available.

Cabelcon introduced this plating to the industry in 1989 - as a result of intensive tests of various platings.  

The plating has an important influence on the intermodulation performance

Identified below are the most likely factors that can affect the Intermodulation performance on CATV and wireless connectors:

Corrosion, Poor surface finish, Low contact pressure, Less than 360° contact, Convoluted signal path, Insufficient plating thickness, Contaminated plating solution, Dissimilar metals in intimate contact, Magnetic materials in the signal path, Debris and dust within the connector.

NITIN-6™ has proven to be  excellent with fine values on all parameters.

Computer controlled X-ray equipment for test of alloys and layer thicknesses

Cabelcon’s Salt Spray test chamber  

Brass parts ready for plating

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