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Millions have been invested in green technology in our production facilities. It includes our scrap cleaning systems, wastewater, air and coolant cleaning systems. The design of any new product incorporates investigations on potential environmental impacts right from the beginning.

Cabelcon became ISO 14001 (environmental) certified in 2002, following our ISO 9001-2000 certification in 1997. Cabelcon's design engineers have always with success improved the connection technology - striving to push the performance to the outer limits.


An important part of this process is to reduce the use of raw materials, minimise waste material and to re-use any waste wherever it is possible.

Shown left is a great example of development and design changes, which has lead to a heavy cut in the use of raw material over a few years.  














ISO 14001 environmental certificate
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Arctic performance

A 1-5/4" 7/16 female and a 7/8" 7/16 male connected together and exposed to -60˚ C. And it works.

 1997 - 1.085 kg.                          2007 - 588 grams   

The connector above is a Cabelcon 1st generation connector developed on request from an OEM customer. This connector was made for installation on a 1-5/4" smooth wall cable and to be safely installed in just seconds.

This connector was designed in 1997 - primarily for the US market. The weight is 1.085 kg!

Do we need to mention, that the performance of this connector was absolutely excellent?   

The connector above is a Cabelcon 3rd generation connector also developed for installation on the same 1-5/4" smooth wall cable - and to be installed in seconds.

This connector was designed in 2007. The weight is only 588 grams!  It contains less parts - is much smaller and lot's of raw material have therefore been saved.

The performance of this connector is of among the best available within the business.


Cabelcon's environmental care also includes the working environment   

Left: Heavy connector (1997) with a POM support sleeve for the smooth wall cable. Right: Light weight connector (2007) for the same cable using the flaring principle. The support sleeve is not necessary anymore (patented system).  
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