Cabelcon CX3 compression connectors




Cabelcon CX3™ N/50 Ohm compression connectors for RG8, RG213  and RG58 cables are unique high performance connectors developed to replace the old “time-consuming-to-install” N-connectors.

*          Unique patented PushPin™ system

*       Easy and safe installation in seconds

*       One-piece connectors – no loose parts

*       Fits most RG8/213/RG58 types* of cables

*       Replaces old “difficult-to-install” connectors

*       Waterproof without any additional protection

*       Professional quality and excellent performance

*       Simple instructions – can be installed by anyone

with solid inner conductors. Stranded inner conductors must be
     soldered before installation. 


Compression tool for easy installation of RG8/213 connectors


CX3™ one-piece compression connector featuring Cabelcon’s unique PushPin™ system. The pin is integrated and protected in the body and moves forward in place as the cable is inserted to indicate proper installation.

Technical Data (typical)

Shielding  50- 1000 MHz
Return loss@1000 MHz
Return loss@3000 MHz
Return loss@900 MHz
Return loss@1800 MHz
Max.  Tensile strength (overall) 

50 Ohm
100 dB
 33.5 dB
33.5 dB
40.0 dB
40.0 dB

50 Ohm
105 dB
41.5 dB
27.7 dB
  42.8 dB
35.8 dB

Detailed datasheets are available on request


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