Cabelcon B-Series connectors
                            - designed for smooth wall cables


Cabelcon's B-series

- of connectors are developed for installation on 50 Ohm 1-1/4" and 1-5/8" smooth wall cables. The B-Series featuring the latest technology available in the market for smooth wall cables and replaces the older and larger A-series connectors.

Both the size of the connectors and ease of installation has been greatly improved over earlier generations.  The specifications of these connectors are excellent.

*                 Excellent PIM values

*       Excellent VSWR values

*       Easy installation in seconds!

*       Waterproof without any additional protection!

B-Series 7/16 DIN female for 1-5/4" smooth wall cables

B-Series N female for 1-5/4" smooth wall cables



B-Series can be installed both on copper and aluminium smooth wall cables.

B-Series for 7/8" smooth
 wall cables.

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