Cabelcon A-Series connectors
                            - designed for smooth wall cables



A-Series 7/16 Female for 7/8" Smooth Wall Cables with a robust High Tech polymer support sleeve.

Cabelcon's A-series of connectors is designed for installation on the Smooth Wall coaxial cables.

Cabelcon A-series connectors are available both for 1/2" and 7/8" cables, while 1-1/4" and 1-5/8" cables are covered by our later designed B-series.

The performance is excellent on all parameters - both electrically, mechanically and environmentally. A-Series are available part wise silver plated (as shown on this page) entirely NiTin-6 plated for optimal protection against corrosion.

The internal sleeve for cable support is made from a robust High Tech Polymer to eliminate potential PIM problems.

A-series is completely waterproof without any additional protection.

A-Series 7/16 Female for 1/2" Smooth Wall Cables with a robust High Tech Polymer support sleeve.  

7/16 DIN female for 7/8" cable connected with 7/16 DIN male for " cable

Cabelcon A-Series can be installed
 both on copper and aluminium
smooth wall cables.

90 N male for " smooth
wall cable

7/16 DIN male for " smooth wall cable

N male interface -  NiTin-6 plated with gold plated inner conductor
can be made on request.

Selection of A-series connectors. The 1-5/8" size have been replaced with the later designed B-series connectors.

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